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Orsus offers a wide variety of services in various technology areas. Even in today's ever-changing technology landscape, we assist clients in plotting a course that can deliver long-term, tangible dividends. Our expertise spans from Mainframes to the Internet, thus providing our clients a one-stop solution for all their Information Technology needs. We provide technology and business solutions for a wide range of industry sectors that include:

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance.

 Software Services

At Orsus we specialize in the development and integration of software solutions. We offer expertise in project-based consulting services through all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle.

We offer services in the following technologies:


COBOL, COBOL II, Assembler, PL/I

Client Server:

Java, C, C++, VC++
SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, DB2


ASP, ActiveX
JSP, Servlets, Beans, JavaScript
Perl, Cold fusion


MQSeries, SeeBeyond, WebMethods, CORBA

Data warehousing and Business Intelligence:

Business Objects, Cognos, Hyperion Essbase,
Micro Strategy, Actuate e Reports,
Informatica, Crystal Reports

Design Tools:

Rational Rose, Erwin

 Global Staff Augmentation

Orsus delivers IT resources to your organization quickly and efficiently by giving you the expertise of highly trained IT consultants. We offer human resources solutions as well as full-time placement. We provide talented and experienced project teams to sustain and maintain a client's essential business systems. Contracted for a specified level of effort and for a set period of time, the technical expertise provided by our team of consultants can free you to focus on higher priorities. Orsus can be counted upon to deliver the very best people for your long-term, short-term, hourly, right-to-hire or full time placement.

Many companies and IT departments find it challenging to respond to constantly changing technology needs and initiatives using only internal staff. Orsus provides you with quality contract solutions to acquire strategic skills in a timely and cost effective manner. We have the ability to quickly respond to technology initiatives by strategically acquiring skills and cost effectively managing available resources. We provide the right people with the right skills whenever and wherever they are needed. Orsus has demonstrated that when the emphasis is placed on quality, cost savings follow.

Our team of experienced recruiters constantly identify personnel and evaluate them not only with respect to their skill sets but also their communication capabilities, proven success record, behavioral pattern, time management capabilities, integrity and diligence. All our recruited professionals have multiple years of experience in the specific area for which they are selected and come with excellent references.

The skill sets provided by Orsus include:

Database Administration
Network Support
Project Management

For candidates: To send us your resume, please click here

For clients: E-mail request to our IT staffing department

 IT Enabled Services

Today, more than 75 percent of companies selectively outsource IT functions to outside service providers. Outsourcing is a proven, strategic method of reducing and controlling operating costs, improving company focus and access to world-class IT processes. Cross-border IT-enabled services are functions and services that are provided from a country different from the one where end-products are delivered; are delivered over telecommunication or data networks (wire line and wireless); are either externally contracted (outsourced) or provided by a remote subsidiary of the same company (outlocated).

The primary driver for IT outsourcing is value and we at Orsus firmly believe that its delivery must be through assessable business results. Time and again we exceed customer expectations by delivering on quantifiable parameters, be it lower costs, greater productivity or quicker time-to-market:

- up to 40% cost savings
- up to 40% productivity enhancements
- up to 60 % faster time-to-market

Orsus Technologies has teamed with Eyeris Associates based in Chennai, India to provide superior, cost-effective IT enabled services to its clients in the US. Following are the services provided by us:

Data Entry and Processing
OCR/ICR Services
Form Processing
Online Data Capture

Data Entry and Processing:

We provide time critical data processing solutions to global clients through a strong team of highly qualified software programmers & analysts who are actively involved in providing support functions for the data processing team.

Processing essentially involves collecting data converting it into the master data, tabulation & validation and finally transfer of output back in a media as per client’s requirement.

OCR/ICR Services:

Orsus has gone beyond the traditional methods of data capture through scanning, optical character recognition (OCR), intelligent character recognition (ICR) and optical mark recognition (OMR) technologies. These automated data capture methods are ideal for high speed processing of a large volume of identical forms such as: Insurance, Medical, Banking, and Bill Remittance Forms.

OCR is a process of using specialized software to turn images into editable text. Together, they provide us the ability to turn paper documents into re-usable formats, like MS Word files, PDF files or HTML pages. OCR can also be used to turn image-based PDF files back into editable text.

Form Processing:

With experience in data processing, we also offer high volume forms processing solutions. At Orsus we process both the structured and non-structured forms. The structured forms which are usually in tabular / columnar format are easily processed. Where as non-structured forms i.e. questionnaires or survey forms are also processed through sophisticated tools and manual entry.

Online Data Capture:

Being equipped with a high bandwidth Internet connection we can capture any acceptable data from web sites as per client’s requirement. We can also populate data on clients online web application as per requirements with quality assurance processes followed accurately. We can deliver the data in any format including Database, Excel Format (*.xls), Acrobat Portable, HTML, ASCII or any other format as required by the client. Final output can be provided through FTP upload, Direct Modem Transfer, CD-R or CD-W.

India Advantages:

India offers many advantages to serving as an IT Enabled Services destination for major global companies. These include:

A virtual 12-hour time zone difference with USA and other major markets for IT Enabled Services
A huge pool of English speaking and computer literate graduate manpower that can continue to cater to the   growing demand for quality conscious and skilled professionals.
Cost of qualified personnel is amongst the lowest in the world
Stable legislative and economic framework
Support of Government of India for all IT led industries
Many State Governments in India offer special incentives and infrastructure for   setting up I.T. Enabled Services
Thrust by Government of India to make India an IT-driven nation with a focus on   services sector where potential   for value addition and thus premium is higher.
India enjoys very strong brand equity in major markets, thanks to its growing and   globally competitive software   industry.

The information technology industry in India over the last decade has evinced sustained growth and attained a position of preeminence in the global economy. The potential therefore is immense for the industry, given the fact that India has been clocking growth rates in excess of 50 per cent as compared to the world average of 25 per cent.

In 1999-2000, 185+ fortune 500 companies have outsourced their software/web development & other IT services requirements to India. Companies around the world are gaining competitive advantages by using Indian software/web services that offer high quality, cost effectiveness, time saving, state-of-the-art technologies and above all reliability.

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